Cammy Polson

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Cammy and her greatest loves

Biography of My Professional Journey From Athlete to Health Care Provider

I have always been fascinated with the Human Body. As a child, my mother always told me I would be a ‘pyschologist’. I disagreed, and said I was going to be a professional athlete. I would run and train and didn’t think twice about how I showed up as a friend and a gifted listener. Little did I know, I should listen to my mama, and to myself. Because many years later I find myself loving to do both: to help people, through movement, come to better health. Looking back throughout my life, I realize God was constantly prepping me to do exactly what I do today: help people listen to their bodies and then guide them into optimal health.

As a Division I Scholarship Soccer Player, I was fortunate to graduate from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, majoring in Kinesiology, minoring in psychology, and getting very close to a second minor in nutrition. As a pre-med student, I was traveling the Western Medical Path because I wanted to help people feel better. Then, I took a couple cadaver labs, and my amazing ability to smell everything was put into my awareness (which would be a gift later in life. Hint: aromatherapy).

I started to think that maybe an Orthopedic Surgeon was not what was meant for me. What else could I do to help people become aware of their bodies and pay attention and take responsibility for their health? So, at the conclusion of college I started to work more with athletic training, nutrition counseling, and coaching soccer. Although this was a FUN time in my life, I decided I needed to contribute more, or maybe in a different way. I felt I wanted to know and help at a deeper level. I wanted to keep people healthy as they go through all eras of their LIFE.

After a lot of research, and against my parents preferences, I applied and enrolled into Acupuncture School at The Chinese School of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Denver, Colorado. I initially went with the intention to treat athletes only. I only wanted to treat athletes! That was what I thought and what was always interesting to me. But then, here it comes… the babies, the kids. They always find a special place in my heart. I coached them at the summer camps during my college years. So it is not surprising while in school, I fell in love with pediatrics.

Throughout the years I continue to treat athletes, children and families. Although I wanted to be ‘specialized’ in sports medicine, I’ve seen this is not my only calling. I love treating athletes, grandmas, fathers, mothers, couples, children, and families. I love to treat anything that I believe acupuncture and TCM can help, including sleeping disorders, anxiety, depression, stress, digestion issues, anger, irritability, female disharmonies, pain, skin issues, and more. I prefer to use client education to empower people to find their own personal balance beyond just their physical bodies.

After 5 years in my own private Acupuncture and TCM Clinic, I am continuously reminded to observe and implement the importance of the emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies. I use Acupuncture, TCM, Diet, Movement, Lifestyle Recommendations, and Essential Oils to help my clients. I tailor all of my treatments to the individual. I pay special attention to ALL of the client and get as much information about their lifestyles as possible. By customizing treatments to the specific individual and observing the unique way the disharmony is showing up in their lifestyle, we can be more effective in finding true healing. I often see my clients heal faster with amazing results that last longer periods of time.

After 15+ years of experience, I have seen Acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Breathing, Yoga, Meditation, Prayer, Movement, Diet, and Lifestyle change people’s world for the better. I want everyone to feel good in their minds, emotions, spirit, and bodies! I want everyone to be living to their FULL POTENTIAL. If everyone is happy, healthy, and living in their full potential, the world will be a different place. I stay inspired by prioritizing my family and my health. If I’m not learning or teaching, I love to play soccer, do yoga, dance, listen to music, EAT really good food, and play in the water (SUP, wake boarding, really any water sport).

My husband, Daryl Johnson, and my daughter, Kaizen, continue to remind me why I’m here. They inspire and guide my passion for healthy living. They teach me to slow down, to be present, and to share all the knowledge I know, but mostly to LOVE…today