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With a unique shape and extra low 1.2″ drop, the Nomad stands out in the line and is a shop employee favorite. In spite of that, we decided to strap them to a Bustin Maestro and see how they run. With the Speedmaster entering the 1200cc cruiser market, the Harley-Davidson 1200 Custom is sure to feel the heat. Bustin Boards makes lightweight boards and I really enjoyed the Bonsai I got from them. I recommend flipping them as soon as you get them, just to make them more stable and less lean-based to learn on. It’s a versatile board that can have TKP or RKP trucks and a longer wheelbase. Our standard 30L version is an all-purpose backpack that can handle your daily haul and pack full for your globe-trotting adventures.. This board is recommended for smaller riders, or people that don't do crazy intense downhill runs on the daily. I’m not a huge fan of their wheels, and, because mine came with Ace trucks, I haven’t tried Bustin’s trucks. The masses requested a shorter Boombox and Bustin came through. I started on one (the 37 inch maple version) earlier this year and really like it so far. Designed by you; crafted by us since 2001. That’s $899. Kompaktais 34'' (86cm) garais Maestro Mini ir ideāls risinājums pilsētai un ar labu freestyle potenciālu. The Icarus is a flexible and stable drop through deck. Sportster-X+ // Same specs as X, but comes with BOTH 90mm and 100mm wheels AND our 3A Fast Charger. You need a faster commute: With our signature "Push Camber", the Maestro is designed for fast, efficient pushing through urban, suburban and campus terrains. I will recommend flipping the Bear trucks right away if you want an easier learning experience, but it’s low, it’s fun, and it’s my everyday board for commuting and freeriding. It is really stiff though. There’s a double drop, and an aggressive concave to help you lock in. It comes in 38″ and 40″ sizes. I don’t recommend skating with an injury, but… well, I didn’t fall a second time while I was healing…. Once you get it though, cruisers are an absolute blast. Hybrid. The Evo will provide a super stiff ride, but it’ll handle whatever you throw at it. The reason I’m not recommending these is because they’re typically low quality. I learned on a Dinghy with 0.5″ hard risers. It has wheel wells and a kick tail. I’ve never had a Loaded deck, but they do make Orangatang wheels and work closely with Paris, two companies I love. Bustin Boards Sportster. Select atleast two bikes & click on compare bikes, you will see new bike comparison based on specs, price, features. Оценено на 0 от 5. You’ll be more likely to carry it around if it’s light. ... Bustin Sportster 33'' 2015 - Klājs However, you may want to add thin soft risers (or thicker ones) and better bearings, to smooth out your ride. This build I made on MuirSkate is only a little more, and would save you money on bearings upgrades. The one board that was built to do it all is still the Bustin Maestro. So, I thought I’d mention a few of their options, starting with some flexy bamboo. However, the drop is so massive, it’ll bring you lower to the ground and give you great places for your feet. To flip trucks, remove the nut on the kingpin, pull off the washer, bushing, and then the truck hangar. It’s a little heavy, due to that stiff maple, but that low platform is going to give you something that’s more stable and easier for pushing. This puts you as low to the ground as you can get. Product details. Post May 01, 2011 #1 2011-05-01T22:41. In that case, thinner, 150mm trucks will work best. Compare bikes in India online at CarAndBike.com. 2) You want a longboard for learning, something easy to start with. Though Bustin Boards, as a company, may have their flaws, their boards seem to be quite solid. There’s also the Drop Cat, Drop Hammer, and Switch, all great choices. When you’re ready to learn to slide, you’ll have some fun on them. Bustin Boards BUSTIN YOFACE 34 DECK-9.1x34.5 BARCELONA. The end result is something that will turn and slide with ease. You don’t have to completely match it, but this should be the easiest thing to ride. If you are looking for a board that can handle fast conditions but still push comfortably as an every day board, the Bustin Sportster Pro could be just what you are looking for. However, their wheels are large enough to absorb some of the rough pavement on New York streets. However, it also is a very stable setup. I got a friend into longboarding using one of Pantheon’s boards, the Ember. 117. One thing I’ve frequently seen are Arbor’s completes. Featuring Bustin’s Thermo Carbon Layup, the Pro version is stiffer, lighter and more responsive, making it ideal for high speed riding. It’s an incredibly flexible board. ... Bustin Sportster 36″ Complete Лонгборд 510.00 лв. $8.00 shipping. Available in two sizes, the Mission 36 is great for small riders or anyone looking for a more maneuverable board while the Mission 40 offers a little more length for a wider stance or just a little extra room to move around more. Does it Rain Where You Live? Though MuirSkate doesn’t have the 150mm Paris Trucks and is out of stock on the Trip deck currently, this setup would get you going quickly. It’ll be stable, won’t turn super fast, and will be best for cruising, relaxed riding, and, of course, learning! A timeless graphic and unique shape will catch your eye and the easy push-and-coast feel will seal the deal. That’s exactly what the Bustin NY Surf Longboard is all about. See more ideas about Longboard, Sector 9, Longboarding. Includes 90mm wheels & 324Wh Samsung battery. They were cheap, and we got what we paid for. ABEC defines tolerances of the balls in the bearing. (By the way, sorry for the profile pic. Honestly? It will be more difficult to start with, but it’s a whole lot of fun. Here’s Mine. i wanna get jus the deck of the mini maestro but i do not have enough money for that. For all the specifics on each version of the Maestro, drill down into the individual models below. This is a stable platform, it’s forgiving, and it’s built around reverse kingpin trucks, which mean it’ll feel the most stable. The Sportster uses the same (E)Core base as my Bonsai. I don’t care if they’re cheap. ... design so if your still wanting the freestyle element in a larger board we suggest flipping the page to the Boombox or Maestro decks. That’s because they had terrible bearings, hard, garbage wheels, and you had to push constantly to keep it moving. Now, I’m going to be upfront with you: all of Pantheon’s boards are amazing for beginners. With 2 available sizes, this boardwalk cruiser gets the job done at a great price and with a timeless shape and graphic. Whether you’ve got a grom that’s ready to get into long boarding or a full size human that wants the portability of a short board in the functionality of a long board, the Bustin Maestro Mini Longboard is exactly what you’ve been waiting for! You can’t go wrong with a pintail and if that’s what you’re looking for, we highly recommend the Bustin NY Surf collection. Just like Lil Jon once told us, “Get Low” with help from the Bustin Nomad Longboard. So, let’s first discuss what makes a good beginner board, why I’m not recommending cheap ones from Amazon, and a few examples of excellent first boards. You could also try to learn on a large pintail. For that, I recommend the Landyachtz Evo Falcon 40. Way too formal and it really kills the casual skate vibe here – but it is up there and I don’t know how to change it…), Worth Comparing: Landyachtz Switchblade and Evo, Arbor Axis Bamboo and Dropcruiser Flagship, MuirSkate Beasto 0.13″ risers with 1.25″ bolts. Really, anything. In the beginning, learning is going to be very tough. They’ve got a sharp lip and lose a lot of speed while carving, so they’re beginner friendly, but you might find that they fray as you get better and start sliding them. If you are looking for a cruisy, carvy, flexy, fun ride – you cannot go wrong with the Bustin Mission 36 Longboard. With the extra-low profile, pushing and cruising are effortless making the Nomad one of the best all around commuting / cruising boards in the line. I love Landyachtz. or Best Offer. The Evo is a bit different, made for downhill stability and distance pushing. It’s nimble like the Ember, but won’t absorb shocks as much. These are similar to a different Sector 9 board I got a few years ago, the Meridian. The wheels will be soft, but they’re too small and you’re going to want to replace them with something large. As some posters may have seen my brother and I split the Bustin 2 complete mystery box. For commuting, cruising and easy flat-ground pushing, the Bustin Nomad is the only way to go. We find out how the Bonneville Speedmaster puts up against its biggest rival. Soft wheels will grip more and absorb the shock from cracks in the pavement or rocks better. Bustin Maestro mazais brālis Maestro Mini. The original shape was designed to be a do-it-all board. I now recommend the Drop Cat 33 or Drop Cat 38 for beginners, and I think you’d have a lot of fun on them. Bustin Boards BUSTIN MAESTRO 37 DECK-9.4x37.4 BARCELONA. The Bustin Sportster 33" is the baby brother (or sister) of the Sportster 36" and really just come down to preference of how close your stance is. Great looking, reasonably priced and an oh-so-comfy to ride, the Mission is the perfect go-to board for so many different types of riders. It’s better for beginners to learn foot placement for their back foot though, so you might love it. You might want some shock pads. 14 watching. The high end version of Bustin’s most popular board ever, the Maestro Pro Longboard has been perfected over time and the 2015 version is better than ever. 16 watching. It comes with Sector 9’s Gullwing trucks, which I’ve found to be decently carvy. Depending on the deck, you could load up with 80mm to 85mm soft wheels for a really smooth ride, like I did for my Pantheon Ember. Bustin Boards is a Skate Everything skateboard company specializing in one-of-a-kind boards. Can any one name the graphics, and trucks from site? Due to the lack of a matching ESC, we strapped a well known system that works with hub drives rather well in both with and without sensors: a Koowheel ESC from an earlier model. A flexible board is going to be a bit surprising when you step on, but Arbor has set this up with a slight convex shape, so it’ll bend under your weight into something that’s a bit flatter. It’ll make learning to push and stop much easier, and also provide a stable base to learn on. Based off the success of the regular Sportster but intended for more aggressive riding and the ability to handle higher speeds, the Bustin Sportster Pro Longboard is freeride perfection. Loaded uses it for their electric boards, so you know it’ll be stable at speed. Archived. The shape is a double drop for stability and to keep it low to the ground. Bustin Boards BUSTIN SHRIKE 38 DECK-9.4x38.3 GODZILLA. Fall and winter are a great times to start, falling hurts less when you’re wearing a jacket or hoodie. Flip it, without removing the truck or the bushing, and put it back together. But a high rating doesn’t necessarily guarantee a fast or smooth ride. The idea began in 2001 when a group of friends in Hagerstown, Maryland decided we were tired of paying good money for junk longboards. save hide report. I’m going to recommend truss head screws because you’ll be able to feel them with your feet better. That’ll help you figure out where not to put your feet (different from a street deck). We got the Maestro Mini and the Yoface. A little history of Danielle. If flex decks are your personal preference, we highly recommend checking out the Bustin Mission series. All cruisers will. This is a wide board, giving you a lot of forgiving space for your feet. You want to learn how to slide: The new symmetrical, micro-rocker design allows for effortless slides and small/medium hill freeride. The drop through mount keeps you slightly lowered while still having plenty of clearance for a good bounce now and then. The top and bottom layers are still wood. If you prefer a longer board, you could go with the Dervish Sama. My favorite are the Bones Race Reds. BUSTIN SPORTSTER AUSTIN BLU SKATEBOARD COMPLETE-9.75x36 30wb Have a question? Oct 12, 2015 - Explore The Longboard Store's board "BUSTIN LONGBOARDS", followed by 4491 people on Pinterest. I recommend more flex for lighter riders, so you can get closer to the ground. I want to convince my friends to start skating with me. Why am I making those assumptions? You may only have to do the front one, but get a feel for it! $37.35 shipping. Do you have to skate 2 miles to work everyday? Update: You can get this as a complte from Pantheon for just $247. or Best Offer. At just under 40″ long, the Maestro has a long, wide body that fully supports the riders stance and the carved out wheel wells eliminate the possibility of wheel bite you can carve hard and turn sharp without worry. If you go the Sector 9 route, I almost recommend just replacing the trucks, which aren’t too bad, with Bear or Paris, which I enjoy more, and large wheels, either from Hawgs, Powell Peralta, Orangatang, or even Sector 9’s own Butterballs. $170.00. Bustin Maestro Mini for my other brother. They’re made with terrible wood that could snap under your feet at speed, causing injury. Just make sure you select the right flex level. No matter what longboard you get, you’re eventually going to love the sport. Don’t forget that the Maestro is available in several different versions. We skated for a bit. A softer ride means you’ll be bucked off less frequently. We are sure you are as stoked as we are to see the Bustin lineup in the shop. For the city ripper who wants a versatile, fun freestyle machine, the Boombox 38 is the clear winner. Then there’s the Sportster-S, with a 27 MPH top speed and 25% incline. You’re not going to feel where to put your feet as easily with this, but I think the flexibility and shock absorption bamboo offers will be worth it. While being a fully symmetrical board, the Sportster also offers a progressive radial concave and rocker offset radial drops for optimal control and power in turns, carves and slides. It was nearly everything I just recommended against, and I love it. I think the Trip is better for riders under 230lbs, but anyone could be happy with the Evo. There’s the Landyachtz Switchblade, a fantastic and stable beginner board. Not all trucks work like this, but on the Bear trucks, you can flip them to ride them with a bit more stability. For the most current availability: Chat With One Of Our Customer Service Reps, Sign Up For Sales, New Product Offerings & Deals. It’s just a feel, really, but you’ll feel more locked in. 10. You like a low-platform commuter: The new Sportster 35 (E)Core™ features our signature "Response Drop" design for ultra-low, ultra-efficient pushing across your city (or your state). It’s so much fun. Maestro Pro Longboard. However, in the case of a drop through deck, risers are actually just shock pads, which will soften your ride. I also liked the larger wheel sizes on the Bustin Bonsai, but, again, it’s going to be a tall setup. Bustin Maestro Pro 39.75″ Thermo Carbon Black Monkey (сглобен лонгборд) Лонгборд 684.04 лв. This isn’t technically a double drop. Zenit Morning Wood V2 Review: The Jack of all Trades Deck, Surfskate from Scratch: Setting up a Waterborne Surfskate, Independent Stage 11 Forged Hollow Trucks Review (129mm). You’ll likely want a double drop longboard with reverse kingpin trucks, about 30-40″ in length, with at least 70mm soft wheels. You want to learn how to slide: With freeride in it's DNA, the Sportster 35" is designed to maintain a locked-in chemistry with your feet and comfortably transition you into your high or low speed standies. Top-mount drop decks like the Switch make your standing platform kind of like a pendulum. my bro had the maestro, i had the strike so we compared. Bustin Boards Sportster E-CORE. It’s made out of 9-ply maple though, so it’s likely going to be very stiff. My tips will make learning easier, but you’ll still need some financial motivation. (Please note: speed, range & climb estimates vary based on rider and environmental factors) They have extended races, so you won’t need spacers between them (there are two bearings per wheel). Bustin Dualomo sportster hybrid X V2 review. Getting up to speed is going to take perseverance. They often have cheaply made trucks that could break from riding, won’t give you smooth turns, and will make controlling your board difficult. With a nice wide body shape, your feet feel fully supported while the medium concave helps to lock you into place for more power behind your turns and slides.

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