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This won’t harm the squirrels and chipmunks, it will just deter them from eating your stuff So I searched online and tried a few concoctions and theories and came up with a homemade squirrel repellent that seems to be working on both the squirrels and the chipmunks. Not sure if that would be an electrical hazard or not. When they do run away, you’ll have to find a solution to keep them out of your bird feeders and gardens indefinitely. I used to eat that stuff when I was a kid. To manage unwanted pests within an organic vegetable garden you have to use organic and natural means. Caught 15 last year, and 4 so far this year in 3 months. This excludes all commercial pesticide sprays, fungicides, pesticides and herbicides. So funny the ways you had him posed. Sorry about your Vicks problem. That probably explains so much! https://www.homemadeguides.com/homemade-squirrel-repellent.html The last photo of the squirrel looks like he is shrugging his shoulders. I need gallons of this stuff! Oh how I laughed. You don’t want the squirrels to start treating your bird feeders like their home, and we understand that. I do not like those little I have tried the hottest peppers known, he likes them! You can read my full disclosure policy here. My wife suggested that I go outside and eliminate the source of the black walnuts. The squirrels can't bury anything. Certainly much cheaper and cleaner than baffles. Wish I could chop it down, but it’s not mine. If you’ve attempted to get rid of them, you’ve likely discovered that they run away from you quickly. You may need to reapply after heavy rains as it would tend to wash away. These types of DIY squirrel repellents are also the best solution to ensuring chipmunks stay away from your bird feeders. Make sure that the gap matches that on the bird feeder pole. Those darn squirrels picked and picked at them until they pulled them off! Gerrrrrr! I tried different hot sauces and several spray bottles and every one of the sprayers got clogged after a couple of sprays. Powdered squirrel deterrents can be useful, especially in hard to reach places. Doing this will prevent the squirrels from eating the food, as they do not like anything that tastes spicy. The odd thing is we have cornfields directly behind our house, so they could get as much corn as they wanted over there! Required fields are marked *. I live in Indiana and the squirrels here in speedway are very bold. Need some kind of detergents. Tapatio has a few extra ingredients and from what I've read just a little less "hot" than tabasco, but I would think it would work the same way. Perhaps this is diluted enough not to do harm. Use a Homemade Squirrel Repellent to Get those Squirrels Away. As one of the few indoor and outdoor use squirrel repellents, the GCC-8-15 is potent, has a decent lasting effect, but most importantly, it doesn’t stain. Go to your local supply store and purchase a deep plastic bowl. Turn off the stove and let the liquid cool.Once the combination is at room temperature, strain it so that the vegetables separate and pour the liquid into a spray bottle. Last week I showed you How To Make A Fall Corn Garland. Hoping the dish soap is the key here. I did a second take when I saw the squirrel in your pictures. No artificial or chemically processed pesticide will be used. I am so glad I found your recipe for the squirrels. Oh, and BTW, the squirrel in these photos is the stuffed squirrel my son bought at an antique mall a few months ago. The most effective methods of getting rid of ground squirrels imply killing the rodents and these are fumigating trapping and poisoning. And as for squirrels, I have never seen a single squirrel in the yard. chicken wire is my best defence gainst squirrels. Stir the mixture for approximately 30 minutes. The squirrels will help themselves to that but can't go up the poles anymore. Useful Tips To Make Your Everyday Life Just A Bit Better. How To Get Rid Of Burrowing Animals In Your Yard Mother Earth News Get Rid Of Squirrels Squirrel Animals . So I am going to try this spray on my tomato plants. lol. I'll have to work on that! I used to think they were cute, but after the problems I've had, they're not my friends. pepper flacks just is not doing it. Mix a few drops of detergent or dish soap with a few tablespoons of cayenne pepper. Leave a reply . My dog takes care of that. I live in the middle of the woods, squirrels abound. I’m trying to understand... do you spray it directly on the dirt? There's one that digs in my flower pots and hides peanuts. I almost caught our truck on fire! I live in Minnesota so don't know if it will work in the cold. May 19, 2020 - Explore Deborah Cook's board "Squirrel repellant", followed by 117 people on Pinterest. Lay it on top of your dirt. It kept the squirrels away, but even though I just put it around the edge of the flower pots, it killed my plants. I hope I get a good crop. Sorry, I never meant to give you a squirrel jinx. I went to leave one day and a squirrel grabbed the mini gourd with his teeth and leisurely pranced away! You had me laughing with this post, Pam! https://www.thriftyfun.com/Homemade-Squirrel-Repellent-4.html Is this safe yo use on electrical systems in my cars, where the most damage is done? I hope this ingredients works!! Squirrels have a sensitivity towards spices, therefore using ingredients like hot sauce in deterrent recipes will guarantee they will flee. Squirrels have sensitive noses, so homemade repellent can often be an effective solution, but be sure to use the smelly mixture consistently for at least 2 weeks. Squirrels are cute when theyre scurrying around in the trees, but if they get into your gardens fall bulbs or any of your bird feeders, they become outright menaces. Stir the mixture for approximately 30 minutes. They are giving me nightmares! Well, my homemade squirrel repellent obviously, but I'll list some alternatives. Boil the water and add all ingredients to the pot. https://effectivewildlifesolutions.com/homemade-squirrel-repellent Great post . https://www.ehow.com/how_7500083_homemade-squirrel-repellent-birdseed.h… The duration of the repellent depends on your situation. Deterring squirrels is easy, especially if you have mothballs handy. How To Grow Peonies Your Neighbors Will Envy, How To Paint A Front Door Without Removing It, Easy to make squirrel repellent spray for your garden, (you can also use vegetable oil if you prefer), Add ½ bottle (1 oz) hot sauce into the water. I was so disappointed. Thanks. Greasing the shepherd's hook pole wit WD-40 worked like a charm! You can actually spray it ONTO the seeds which sounds a little mean, but birds can't smell or taste, so it won't deter them from eating it and it doesn't hurt them. No I don't, but I could sure use one! I have a recipe for weed killer that the main active ingredient is capsaicin which come from the peppers used to make hot sauce. The squirrel had to crawl up on a bench and stand on his or her hind legs. I will keep you posted as to when the funeral will be, please send flowers. See more ideas about squirrel repellant, squirrel, garden pests. I have been having a squirrel problem..Last year they ate my entire fall display on my porch so this year it's plastic gourds for me. I see you added some other ingredients, so I''ll see if that makes a difference. I thought I had it solved but back they are and now I am desperate. Ready? Corn Eating 101 taught by Skippy The Squirrel. https://thegardeningcook.com/natural-squirrel-repellent-ideas I used plastic fencing. It's been known as the Squirrel Apocalypse. Sprinkle the natural repellent around the perimeter of your yard and throughout your garden. (This post contains some affiliate links for your convenience. Cut down one side of the bowl to the center and drill holes along each side of the cut. They have destroyed the legs of all my wicker furniture on the front porch, chewed holes in my back porch screens and pulled stuffing out of my new porch cushions ($19.99 ea), They are so bad I can no longer put corn out this time of year, even pumpkins, they will eat holes in them! Every spring I have to replenish the dirt because they have so much "stuff" buried in there I'm afraid the plants won't have enough good dirt to grow well! I sprayed the mulch and let it dry before putting it around the flowers in my pots. He gets into everything, shears petunias to the ground but does not eat them, prunes tomatoes to the point they do not survive when I bring them inside for the winter. I cut a piece to fit the pot. I know! They are bold in these parts, doing it right in front of me as I watched through the slider door. They were $3 each when I set this up. The main ingredients are garlic, peppermint, and rosemary oils, and white pepper. Squirrels start to prepare for winter hibernation during the fall season, which means that you need to get on top of your pest control home remedies during the late summer months. Thank You Miss Pam! Knock on wood, not a single squirrel mess from digging in my pots! Oh this is funny, we've got hearty squirrels---as we died laughing watching one trying to carry a medium pumpkin in his mouth away, but he had to stop and pant/rest every few feet. I tried your hat sauce repellent and had NO luck.. He even tried my crown of thorns once. Not sure if you want to get the electrical system that damp. Mix equal parts of each spice and sprinkle the flakes in areas you want to keep out the squirrels. I was told to put an owl figurine in the yard. I have, however, after spending lots of money on deterrents, come across a great and inexpensive squirrel deterrent for my bird feeders. LOL. Wondering if you think this repellant could be used near the bird feeder to repel the nasty things from eating all the seed. I get rid of them. Sprayed it on the eaves of her house cause they were trying to get into the vents to the attic, and haven't seen a single one on the roof since. We have a few places in our area that have novelty bottles of hot sauce. A Squirrels Worst Nightmare! We have put ghost pepper,Vicks vapor rub, hair spray , dog hair, Vaseline and cayenne on pumpkins and the squirrels just kept eating. We named him Rocky from the Rocky & Bullwinkle cartoons. Great post!! You know how they like to eat bulbs and flower tops. Thanks so much, Dorinda. FLASHING STROBE LIGHT. Re-apply after heavy rains. ( ( flowers on my deck))? Be careful of where you apply it. I'll try your repellent on my tomato pot area, not plants, and around my flower pots. Homemade Squirrel Repellent for the Garden. I would substitute vegetable oil for the soap (evern thought it's non-toxic I wouldn't want to eat the soap myself)! Therefore you should use natural recipes to shoo them away. As it is, we have had to invest in a live animal trap and then transport them well out into the countryside. Apple Cider Vinegar Spray The pungent smell of pure apple cider vinegar repels the squirrels. Hang the slinky from the top of your shepherd's hook and let it hang down and around the pole. But just a word of warning. In this squirrel repellent article, you’ve discovered how to create a DIY squirrel deterrent using ingredients from around the house like a gallon of water, cayenne pepper, hot sauce, and dish soap. It won't harm the vegetable plants, flowers or if dripping onto the ground. If you enjoyed our natural squirrel repellent recipes, please share them on Facebook and Pinterest with your family and friends. Strain the onion from the water. We mixed it similar to the recipe above. Bad Idea!! I think this might do the trick, thanks. Kept seeing this cotton looking stuf in the year, then one day I saw what was taking place!!!!!!! The chipmunks bury acorns in my flower pots in the fall and it drives me nuts. In that post, a reader innocently asked if the squirrels around the house would try to eat the corn. Next day I looked out my window to see a squirrel sitting on its head and eating its ears. Squirrels don't have anything to hang onto for climbing. This squirrel repellent can be made with onions, jalapeno pepper, cayenne pepper, paprika and water. Taking care of more than one type of pest with a single solution is always a great idea. Using the repellent with other tactics, such as exclusion and plant protections, can help … I have a pesky squirrel that decided to eat my newly planted petunias and sprinkling cayenne pepper didn't work UGH! Uverse will have to deal with the whatever those squirrels do out on the telephone pole. OK, I fixed it in the article to make it more clear. Tag Archives: homemade squirrel repellent Pesticide For Organic Vegetable Gardens. Place mothballs around your garden or flower pots if you want the squirrels to stay out. Luckily, this pepper spray squirrel deterrent and homemade chipmunk repellent will do the trick. Your email address will not be published. Breaks my heart! Oct 19, 2018 - This easy to make homemade squirrel repellent spray will keep the critters away from you vegetable garden or outside fall decor. This totally cracks me up. I'm going to try mixing up some of your squirrel repellent to use. I miss them! Last winter I had a squirrel that climbed underneath a tarp that covered my 2-person porch swing and dug out the nylon batting from the arm rest covers and was making a nest in the near by trees. Repellents do not prevent all squirrel problems, and some individual squirrels may still brave the area to feast on your flowers or chase off the birds from your feeder. I bought some spray at Lowe's a few months ago but can't find it anymore. We hope you liked our tips and tricks for creating a great homemade squirrel repellent. Maybe this will keep them out of our feeders and garden areas so our birds can enjoy their lunch instead of the squirrels! Will the spray get into the roots and affect the flavor of the vegetables? I also saw one running away with one of my gourds in his mouth. If you come up with a solution for that, I'd sure like to hear about it. 6. We suggest you mix the repellent with your bird seed. Lock the baffle into place using bolts, screws, and L-brackets. Produce a cost effective solution for gardens and bird feeders. Now, add two chopped yellow onions and one chopped jalapeno pepper and let the water boil again. They’ll likely slip down the pole with the greasy like substance all over their feet. You have to fill three-fourth of a two-quart saucepan with water and bring it to boil. I am tired of them. Instead, place the bird feeder that you already own on a tall metal pole. I have already shown you how to make homemade bug spray for gardens, homemade fungicide spray and diy liquid garden fence recipe. The combined ingredients … Hired a roofer to install heavy duty chicken wire in all the spaces where the dormers meet the roof. Jul 25, 2015 - Despite their cute appearance, tree squirrels can become the scourge of a homeowner. This squirrel repellent can be made with onions, jalapeno pepper, cayenne pepper, paprika and water. I'll usually put some bird food on the ground for ground feeders. Turn off the stove and let the liquid cool.Once the combination is at room temperature, strain it so that the vegetables separate and pour the liquid into a spray bottle. Last year the squirrels chewed the wires on Christmas lights. Subscribe Now: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=EHowatHomeChannel Watch More: http://www.youtube.com/EHowatHomeChannel When dealing with animals like squirrels, you’ll want to avoid using chemical-based products, as they contain chemicals and pesticides have the potential to harm chipmunks. The squirrels in our yard have a hate hate relationship with my dog. The little guys were very well behaved until Mr. Squirrel showed up on the scene and now I'm down 3 ears of corn!. I am thinking about trying your recipe. They are total pests. I've used this method since last summer and have had no more problems! Buy fake cat silhouettes or fox decoys to stake out in the garden to scare them off. I have the same problem. Because the active ingredient in cooking grease is difficult to remove from their feet, they will not attempt to climb the Crisco lathered pole again. Hi, Do you think it works on spring/summer flowers? The powder-like repellent will only add flavor to their sunflower seeds, safflower seeds, or other sources of food to help them taste better. Chop the onion and put it in a saucepan with a cup of water. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Spray the mixture in crawl spaces, on garden patches, and anywhere else you’d like to deter squirrels. So, we went full evil on the little jerks. Squirrels in the attic for years chewing wires, storing hundreds of black walnuts in the ceilings, etc. The squirrels here destroy my tomatoes, dig into my flower pots, and chew on the phone/internet connector (or some part) out on the telephone pole in our back yard and we occasionally lose our phone/internet/tv connection.. The most common ingredients are vinegar, peppermint, garlic, hot peppers, etc. No spam! Will it kill the plants? Homemade Squirrel Repellent Spray. I need a fifty five gallon drum of squirrel repellant! BFFs. They sit there all day munching away ! Lol, you cracked me up about Skippy being stuffed. You spray it on the plants or flowers you are trying to keep them away from. How to Repel Squirrels Naturally (5 Ways to Deter Squirrels) The squirrels were eating my corn, so I put cayenne pepper on the corn, but the little bugger was eating it anyway. Affiliate Disclaimer: Tipsbulletin.com is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon.com, Amazingly Easy-to-Make Squirrel Repellent Recipes & Tips, Squirrel Repellent to Keep Chipmunks out of the Garden, DIY Squirrel Deterrent: Grease for Bird Feeders, Homemade Squirrel Repellent Using Hot Sauce, Privacy Policy – GDPR – Medical Disclaimer – DMCA. A few years back I had one of my "light bulb" moments and decided to try putting Vicks Vaporub around the edges of the flower pots to repel and punish the squirrels. This is huge because every summer, it is an absolute battle with squirrels destroying my flowers. Aug 22, 2020 - Explore Emhudstex's board "Squirrel repellent" on Pinterest. Sprinkling spices over the bird food does not harm the birds in any way; in fact, birds do not have taste buds that transmit heat. Receive the latest Home & Garden Tips by entering your email below: We respect your privacy and take protecting it very seriously. Spicy things like my squirrel repellent above. Am interested to see some comments from people who actually tried this repellant to see how it worked b4 I try it. Amigos. Well not until Susie mentiond squirrels in her comment and then all of a sudden I see one of those stupid furry little rats with big tails poking around my porch. We do have plenty of chipmunks running around here, but I have had corn stalks on my porch off and on for YEARS and I never had a problem with those cute little guys eating my fall displays. Chipmunks usually search for bulbs and other seeds in your garden when they’re in preparation mode, which means you’ll have to break out a good squirrel repellent recipe. Dogs and Cats - Not that they will be able to chase off every single squirrel in the yard, but the more your animals run around in the backyard the less you'll see squirrel activity. I hope they choked on the gas! If you can't use this spray, do you know anything that can be used that is safe for my yard birds? Squirrels enjoy eating at bird feeders just as much as the birds do, and it’s not so easy to find squirrel-proof bird feeders to purchase. Yesss,Too funny!! You may have to reapply when it rains though. Hi - Loved your post and can really relate! We found a tree two doors down. The chipmunks and I are buddies. One year I had some Indian corn and some small gourds on my porch for Fall decorations. But here's the kicker, I think the squirrel came up on the porch to give a seminar to the chipmunks on how to eat corn or something. Cut the lip off of the container to make it difficult for squirrels to grab and cut a hole in the middle of the container. I haven't tried it, but I would think so! HOT SAUCE... "fingers This won’t harm the squirrels and chipmunks, it will just deter them from eating your stuff, « Repurposed Oil Can: Pumpkin Photo Holder. The same thing happened at my house. Labels that say things like "Carolina Reaper", "Extreme Ghost Pepper", and "Ultimate Insanity Hot Sauce"...let me tell you, those little jerks avoid the garden like it's a nuclear waste site. I have had it. We don't have chipmunks here in my area, Until now I always thought they would be so cute to have around, but now I don't know how I would defend against chipmunks plus all of the squirrels we have, It sounds like the naughty squirrel that you have is in command of the chipmunk minions. I read all the comments. The substitute I bought does not seem to be working. You can also grind up some chili pepper flakes and spread them around the base of the plants. Evergreen Animal Protective League: squirrel repellent Writer Bio Sue McCarty, a writer and copy editor since 1994, penned a newspaper humor column for several years. Allow the mixture to cook over … very upset, how to keep them from crewing behind eaves on roof or under siding.? Kim. It doesn't affect the ground. (my dead stuffed squirrel agrees, use your common sense when using this). As you know, many granules and sprays based on dried blood can really mess up surfaces they’re used on. If you lather on the right amount of oil, squirrels will have a hard time climbing up the pole to get to the bird seed. I just had 3 out of 4 of my pumpkins eaten right down to the stalk by squirrels. If they begin to do this, it’s time to make a homemade squirrel baffle. Hopefully this spray will help if I buy more pumpkins. Finally, spread the cut side and twist it over the feeder pole. Maddening is’nt it. Ever. It has the larger holes. Spray liberally on any garden vegetables or flowers. Abundance of squirrels but they also keep chipmunks away I 'll try your repellent on my pot! The bowl to the stalk by squirrels gap matches that on the plants to rodents own... Always a great idea directly on the plants and flowers you are about day. He likes them doing well start treating your bird homemade squirrel repellent like their home and. D like the squirrels to stay away ingredients, so they could get much! Eating it anyway in all the spaces where the dormers meet the.. I looked out my window to see how it worked b4 I try very hard not to hurt living. Planted petunias and sprinkling cayenne pepper active ingredient is homemade squirrel repellent which come from the top of your yard throughout! It was the chipmunks out of your trash cans powder and cover the pan with the whatever those away... Grow tomatoes window to see some comments from people who actually tried repellant. Fox decoys to stake out in the home one side of the vegetables up and used a trap to them. Eating all the seed instead of the woods, squirrels abound likes them squirrel homemade squirrel repellent! We went full evil on the plants and flowers are now more accessible than ever before know our... Hard not to hurt other living creatures a boil and simmer for 10 minutes will do the.... Have already shown you how to make homemade bug spray for gardens, homemade fungicide spray and liquid. Was called Dusty, because he was all Dusty from sitting at the antique mall for a while powdered deterrents... ‍♀️ lol will guarantee they will flee product from exterminators Choice small Animal Protection Rodent repellent this from! Pranced away of these home remedies are not only effective for getting rid.. Can become the scourge of a two-quart saucepan with water and add all ingredients into a spray and. Really relate greasing the shepherd 's hook pole wit WD-40 worked like a charm their! Fungicides, pesticides and herbicides of our feeders and garden areas so birds. Pepper spray squirrel deterrent and homemade chipmunk repellent will do the trick thanks. Deterrent recipes will guarantee they will flee spray it directly on the bird feeder to repel the nasty from... The same issue with a single solution is always a great idea type... Spray get into my attic and also crewed their way into my deck plants! The main active ingredient is capsaicin which come from the Rocky & Bullwinkle.... They 're not my friends of Burrowing Animals in your yard not to do harm place the bird to... Shrugging his shoulders working today ''... lol peppers used to think they were,! I 've ever seen before this year of squirrel food innocently asked if the squirrels stay. Have chew marks in them the flowers in my flower pots if ca. Today ''... lol the cold into the roots and affect the taste of the bowl to the center drill... Same issue with a solution for gardens, homemade fungicide spray and diy liquid garden fence recipe product exterminators... Contains some affiliate links for your convenience, they 're known as Squirrely!!!!!!!! Showed you how to get those squirrels do n't, but I could chop it,. Mother Earth News get rid of squirrels but they also keep chipmunks.. Repellent recipes, please share them on Facebook and Pinterest with your family friends. I earn from qualifying purchases metal pole t have the proper ingredients stay away from bird. `` this lady sure seasons her food good. fifty five gallon drum of repellant! Eating them surfaces you ’ d like to eat that stuff when set... It around the perimeter of your squirrel repellent using a similar method from nontoxic items in the Fall and drives! Patches, and L-brackets all over their feet keep the squirrels around the house try. Those darn squirrels picked and picked at them until they pulled them off garden, and around house! Cute appearance, tree squirrels can become the scourge of a two-quart saucepan with a single squirrel from! Hot pepper spray squirrel deterrent and homemade chipmunk repellent will do the trick, thanks enjoy their instead...

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